Morton Golf Utilizes TEI's Retail POS
Total e Integrated

Morton Golf Utilizes TEI's Retail POS

Morton Golf LLC has been involved in golf and retail operations since 1958. Today, their portfolio includes 90 holes, 4 locations, and the highest volume and most profitable on-course golf shop in America - the15,000+ square foot Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop. In 2013, Morton Golf selected Total e Integrated to help streamline the management of their entire operation from marketing to golf, restaurant and retail POS.

How has Total e Integrated helped Morton Golf fulfill its mission to exceed customer expectations? It begins with a mutual understanding of the importance of customer relationship management. Understanding their customers' buying habits was of high importance to Morton Golf as they began looking for new ways to improve the effectiveness of their marketing strategy. The Total e Integrated solution was the only platform that had the ability to track all of Morton's customer data, regardless of origin, and have it all stored in one central integrated solution database.

"The Total e Integrated solution replaced many systems into one effective and efficient platform. With significant data collection across all departments we have been able to evaluate, segment and target our marketing initiatives with much greater success. I would highly recommend the Total e Integrated solution to other operators," said Terry Daubert, President of Morton Golf.

In the past, operators had to choose between either collecting customer data into separate, disconnected systems or use an integrated solution that lacked functionality across all departments. Total e Integrated's all-in-one system is the best of both worlds - it allows operators to collect customer data from every department and centralizes all business information in one robust tool.

What does Total e Integrated's solution mean for Morton Golf? Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop can now collect important customer data from every aspect of their operation: the tee sheet, retail POS, the membership portal, food & beverage, and events - automatically into one system, and use this information in their retail marketing campaigns. With a corporate culture focused on exceeding customer expectations and a powerful program to support their initiative, Morton Golf is working to achieve a high data capture rate while continuing their resounding success in sales and marketing.

"Operators can significantly improve the success of their marketing initiatives through data collection," says Mike Flannagan, President of Total e Integrated. "For example, you may have customers that historically purchased new clubs every two years. You could send a personalized promotion on new clubs to this customer population every two years to help ensure those dollars are spent at your facility."


About Morton Golf Management:

Morton Golf operates 90 holes of golf spread over 4 locations in the Sacramento area. Morton Golf is no stranger to accolades, having won awards for its golf shop, club fitting services, and golf courses. America's most awarded golf shop, The Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop - is managed by Morton Golf. The awards given to Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop include "Public Golf Shop of the Year" (Golfweek Magazine), National PGA Merchandiser of the Year, and four-time winner of the "Sports Illustrated Magazine Merchandiser of the Year" award.


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