Take Advantage of Black Friday
Ian Robinson
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Take Advantage of Black Friday

It’s that time of year again, temperatures are dipping and thanksgiving is coming soon. Before you know it many retailers will be opening their doors for Black Friday – arguably the greatest shopping day of the year and the unofficial kick-off of the holiday shopping season. Is your business taking advantage of the shopping frenzy? If you operate a golf club, resort or HOA/POA community you may not think Black Friday can have much of an impact on your industry – but it absolutely can.


In recent years, the surge in online shopping has made it easier for any business to take advantage of Black Friday. In fact, according to a Consumer Reports poll, only 27 percent of American’s said they planned to shop at brick and mortar stores this Black Friday - down from 31 percent last year. Those who said they planned to shop online on Black Friday was up 3 percent (to 27 percent) from last year. These statistics prove you don’t need to operate your business at a shopping mall or high traffic area to generate Black Friday sales anymore – which is great news for clubs, resorts and HOA/POA communities.


Even if your operation doesn’t have a large retail component, you can still take advantage of Black Friday. Companies in the Tourism and Hospitality industries such as airlines and hotels have been taking advantage of the shopping craze for years because consumers are willing to purchase “experiences” on Black Friday. At their root all clubs, resorts and HOA/POA communities are really just selling an experience – so take advantage and sell your amazing experience this Black Friday!


Utilize your ecommerce module and CRM & marketing software to generate sales for your business this Black Friday. One great idea we’ve seen from a golf club was to market golf packages at a reduced rate to the spouse of customers at the club. Even better, when Total e Integrated releases its ecommerce 2.0 module in the coming months, purchases of memberships or golf packages will be automatically synced back to the customer account. By automatically linking sales to the customer account, you can make hundreds of sales without any administrative back office work to worry about! Interested in learning more about how Total e Integrated can help you generate greater sales over the holiday season? Connect with us at info@totaleintegrated.com.


For the Consumer Reports poll visit:



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