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With Total e Integrated’s event registration software, take your events to the online world and sell them seamlessly online within a responsive booking engine.

Responsive Online Event Booking System

Online Event Registration Software is a great way for any organization that manages functions to generate revenue. If your organization is looking to increase average revenue per event or is struggling to profit from events, TEI’s web event booking system is the perfect solution as it’s designed to streamline management and profits. Having an integrated web event booking system can alleviate the management challenge of handling events in multiple disconnected systems.


Take Your TEI Event Software To The Online World


    Require registrants to pay up-front for events to improve cash-flow and attendance numbers.


    In addition to filtering by event type and date, users can view available events in both calendar or list formats.


    Require customers to input contact information of registrants, ideal for data capture.


    Build multiple pricing packages for each event and include specific inventory items and quantity available.


    Users can quickly and easily identify the number of remaining tickets.


    Send messages to attendees with ease through the online event registration software


Key Benefits of TEI's Online Event Booking System

TEI's web event booking system makes it easy to maximize revenues and experience at your organization.


Increase Revenue Per Event

Built-in price packages are ideal for upselling registrants. Registration to events becomes completely self-service, meaning no busy phone lines or long waits deterring registration. With payment taken up-front, the risk of no-shows is reduced significantly as well.

Receive Payment Immediately

TEI’s online event registration software is integrated with our global TEI Payment Solution’s engine. Recognize revenue from your events immediately helping increase cash-flow while reducing time spent processing transactions in-person.

Simplify Attendee Management

Allow your customers to register to events without staff assistance. Once attendance is confirmed, easily and quickly identify who is attending, guests they’re bringing, the amount they paid, which package they selected, and much more.

Easy On Staff

Events can be setup in under 15 minutes. Once created, customers will start registering themselves to events without the assistance of your team – meaning more time for staff to focus on other tasks.

Fully Integrated

Banquet Event Orders generated within your TEI back office events module are now seamlessly integrated to the web. Allowing you to accept registrations to events immediately after event creation.

Event Showcasing

With a small budget, easily showcase all available events across numerous channels, such as: social media, kiosks, your website, e-mail campaigns, and more.





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